About Us

Nice to be Natural Ltd was founded in 2014 and is based in England. It was launched to help Afro Caribbean, African and African American women and children who struggle to care for their natural hair. NTBN has over 30 years of experience in natural black hair care. Disillusioned by the harmful ingredients, the extensive list of unpronounceable ingredients in the products, and the effects of being a product junkie, NTBN began researching how black hair reacts to certain chemicals. And why they do or don't work on black hair. The range of the NTBN hair care products is natural and skilfully handmade. The products are created for all hair types of hair textures. The founder Ruth South has five children, all with different hair textures. Impressed with how the products worked on their hair types, she decided to share them with the world. So why not try the expanded range from hair, skincare and health, and you will also say it's 'Nice to be Natural'.

Nice to be Natural is also committed to helping the mind and body, enhancing its health and happiness, through Corporate and Private consultations, tutorials, workshops, and seminars. NTBN also run Private Parties for Adults and Children and works with all types of Residential Care Establishments, communities, and businesses. All venues and Settings considered.