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Nice To Be Natural Hair products

Wow! The Nice To Be Natural products are amazing. They don't leave my hair feeling weighed down or greasy. My hair has never felt so soft and my curls are popping! I love them and will definitely purchase again. Mimi, West Midlands

I first became aware of the product at a natural hair event in Wolverhampton. I tried the product because the ingredients were all natural and it smelt great. I have found the product very helpful in maintaining healthy, strong hair, reducing split ends and also prevents dryness and dandruff. I would definitely recommend this product, as it is the best thing that I have used for my hair type, it's all natural, and good value for money. Marva, Darlaston

 I Have experienced steady growth in my since hydrating it, as you advised. I have also found that the products help to inhibit my fungus growth.  Your business ethic leads to hair growth and hair texture change. Thanks so much.  Your hair products have aided my hair to be healthy growth. I will continue to use the products as I am happy with them as they are also created with love. Verry. West Midlands

The nice to be natural hair care range has changed my hair from dry and brittle to long thick and curly. I can’t thank them enough and will continue to use them again and again. – Lydia West Midlands

I have been using these products for years and they are amazing. Over time, they have made my hair soft, silky and shiny. I never believe my hair could look this good. I truly love and would recommend the NTBN complete range. Victoria UK

Hi, Ruth I just wanted to write to give you an update on my hair progress. I've seen so much improvement in hair since I attended your seminar and got the advice from you from the consultation. Within a few days, my hair started to curl from the roots and just keep getting better week after week. Thank you so much again. May the good Lord continue to bless your ministry as you help others. Kadianne - London

I heard about the Nice To Be Natural products through word-of-mouth.  I have found that my hair likes these products. I find them easy to use and the process of caring for natural hair is not as difficult as people think as these products will help to make it easier. I have no qualms in regards to recommending the products and find myself easily doing so, as people often comment on my hair and what I use to get my hair looking the way it does. People also want to know, how my hair has grown so much, especially my previous hairdresser- I do believe that she herself has made inquiries. I am so glad that I was told about these products. And now I am recommending them to you. Angela - West Midlands

I have been using nice to be natural hair products for 2 years, having suffered from extremely dry and brittle hair I have noticed an amazing difference in my texture and hydration. My curls are now bouncy and always soft, it also gives a brilliant curl definition. I use the oil and the moisturiser in my hair, both blend well with other hair product and absorb nicely without build-up or residue. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the condition of my hair since using these products, I highly recommended them for all hair types as I use this product on my children hair too. Tyler - Midlands

At the time I was struggling with my hair being quite dry and feeling damaged - Probably not helped by the permanent hair dye I had applied and the clarifying shampoo I was using far too often!

Nice to be natural helped me immensely, not just the products - which are amazing and I would highly recommend as they are definitely good value for money. They were compact and a little went a long way. They were moisturising, not heavy and felt good in my hair - but in addition to the NTBN products, the advice given was invaluable, such as using apple cider vinegar to replace shampoo washes - which I do still to this day and have been doing for over a year now.

My hair has changed a lot. I have a curl pattern that I never knew was in there! Love it! It has grown a lot which friends and family keep commenting on. My hair is stronger and feels soft and in good condition. My husband even commented - who is totally not a hair person - that it was looking healthy! Joy of joys :-D I can honestly say that I would definitely recommend NTBN. It really is NTBN! Debra - Sheffield

Nice To Be Natural - Skin Care Range

I’ve been using Nice to be Natural “Nurture me Now” Face cream for over two years. It is soft, easily absorbed, and has a lovely smell. The unique ingredients are all natural & really helps to keep my skin soft and youthful looking. I get a lot of compliments about my skin and people don’t really know my true age! Thank you Nice to be Natural!! I never use anything else on my face now! Yvonne- UK

 I’ve been using NTBN products for several months now and on a daily basis. My work colleagues and friends have noticed the difference in my skin. I too have noticed the texture, softness and smoothness in my skin. Best of all is when they realise my age, which makes me feel even more amazing. Norma - West Midlands

Hi Nice To Be Natural. This is to let you know that since using your facial products, after about a week I saw the difference and my skin is no longer dry and ashy..my face has become smooth and feels so much softer as it was quite dry and patchy...I am now waiting for you to sell me the next batch so that I can now start using it on my body...Rose - UK

I really can't believe how amazing these products are. I use them morning and night. My skin used to have issues with fine acne, but since using these products my skin is amazing and I get comments all the time. The fantastic thing is that people think I am literally younger than my birth age. I love these products. Well done Nice To Be Natural. Mrs. Reid - West Midlands


The NTBN workshops are just amazing and very interesting. The trainers are great and very knowledgeable. The sessions need to be longer, as I am hungry for more. Mellisa

The advice from a professional was most valuable and very informative. Thomas

The training and workshop were great and clearly defined. The trainer was well prepared and made the course fun and very informative. Esther

The training was excellent and met my expectations and really improved my knowledge of caring for my hair and skin. Judith

This workshop met all my expectations. The trainer was very knowledgeable and very funny. Thank you so much. Carol

Excellent! I now know how to look after my hair and skin. The session was fantastic. Lindsey

A very enjoyable and informative. Loved everything. The trainer is amazing and humorous. Sally

Fully enjoyed the workshop. Thank you. Kerry

The workshop was friendly and relaxed, which helped me take in all the excellent information. I was able to ask questions and the trainer was very friendly. The information will not only help me take care of my hair and skin but also my families. Chrissie